Added 925 Millibar Winds

Added 925 Mb winds to the NAM, NAM CONUS Nest & HWRF Models. They are in the drop down menus. Should be available with the 10-28-12 12Z runs.

Below is the forecast 925mb winds (just above the surface) as Sandy makes landfall. Winds of 95 knots are forecast  by the HWRF near Long Island. Mixing of these winds near surface by heavy rain showers will likely transport gust to 70 knots at times as the strong gradient north of the center rotates through.


GFS Atlantic 850mb vorticity added

The GFS 850mb vorticity was added this past weekend to the GFS Tropical menus. The 850mb vorticity can be a potential early indicator of tropical cyclone genesis.

The 850mb vorticity parameter has already been part of the ECMWF model guidance for a number of years.



FAA Terminal Doppler Radar’s Increased Update Frequency

Some of the FAA terminal Doppler radar products from a few of the locations will have up to 1 minute updates for the lowest elevation scans.  This rapid scan modes, known as “Hazardous Weather Mode” is triggered when a 30dbz echo is detected aloft within 25 miles of the radar site or if there is wind shear detected.  The following TDWR radar sites will begin to deliver 1 minute imagery when the radar is in “Hazardous Weather Mode”


For more information here is the Technical Implementation Notice 12-13

Here is a link to the Doppler radar sites. The sites in Yellow are TDWR radars.


RUC (Rapid Update Cycle) Model Upgraded to the RAP (Rapid Refresh)

The RUC (Rapid Update Cycle) Model was upgraded today with the Rapid Refresh Model.  All of the links and graphics may still contain the acronym RUC but data is from the RAP model. The links and menus will be updated over the next few days to reflect the name change.

Here is a link to more information about the new Rapid Refresh Model.

80 Meter Winds from the NAM & NAM CONUS WRF NEST Added

80 Meter winds above ground level from the NAM and also from the 4km NAM NEST have been added. This is very useful for our clients that are interested in forecasting for the all important hub height for wind turbines, at wind generation facilities.

These are updated 4 times per day.  If you have any questions please let us know.