Update from NCEP on Data Outage

NCEP has informed us that the data center where they distribute the raw model data via ftp service which we obtain much of the pre-proccessed data will be back on-line tomorrow January 8th at 14Z.   At that time we expect most of the affected processes to return.

The GFS, HRRR and NAM which are processed off NOAAPORT and other sources, that are unaffected by these systems are linked here.





NCEP Model Data Outage

NCEP has been a experiencing gridded model data distribution outage for the past 24 hours. The site used for dissemination of raw model data has been offline since 18z 1/5/22.  Many of our production suites are dependent on these raw output sources.  As such, they will remain unavailable until NOAA returns their systems into service. We are awaiting a time of restoration.