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NCEP Model Update Delays

NOAA/NCEP servers which we rely on for our model data have been either completely out of service or only partially working for the past 30 hours.  NOAA/NCEP is working on the issue. No estimated time of full restoration has been given.   Until they resolve the data flow issues, we will continue to have missing or delayed model data.

Significant Hail Parameter Added to NAM

Added the Significant Hail Parameter to the NAM-12km model.  SHIP is similar to the STP & SCP. Values above 1.0 are correlated with large hail events.  Here is more info on this product.



National NAM Significant Hail Parameter Loops


Tornado Passes Very Close to the Columbus, MS AFB 88D

A strong tornado passed very close to the Columbus, MS 88D tonight.  Winds were measured by the 88D up to 163 mph around 250 feet. Several other scans measured winds into the 140′s.  A debris ball and correlation co-efficient dropout indicated debris.  It’s pretty unusual to have a strong tornado so close to an 88D. But it has happened a few times in the past 30 years.

Also of note is a smaller satellite vorticie/tornado just northwest of the RDA.  It had winds to 90 mph.


Wright Weather Upgrading to New Facility This Saturday – Temp Outage

This Saturday -  12/22/2018  around 10AM EST our Data Center provider will be relocating our equipment into a new facility with faster and more diverse internet carriers. This new facility also has more power and satellite receiving capabilities.

This relocation will allow us to continue to expand the growing number of servers needed to process the rapid increase in meteorological data.

Around 10 AM Wright Weather will be unavailable during this transition to the new facility (about 2 miles).  We expect to have all services restored within a few hours.

Expect a disruption in the 12/22/18 12Z Model cycle output and possibly the 12/22/18 18Z Model cycles. We expect to be fully operational by the 00Z model cycle.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to grow.