** NOAA Planning Data Distribution Outage for 1/21/21- 1/22/21 **

NOAA is taking down its primary data distribution site https://nomads.ncep.noaa.gov for a power upgrade from 1-21-2021-1-22-2022.  This will impact some of the model graphics/analytic creation on Wright Weather. We utilize the NOMADS for a good deal of our model data sourcing.  During this outage there will be an interruption of some graphics/analytics we deliver.

Here is the message from NOAA.



Update: 1/22 15Z   Outage continues.  NOAA planned a 19 hour outage, but 24+ hours in the outage continues. Latest message indicates that it will be up later today.  Expect next run of the GFS available will be the 18Z.

Update: 1/23 18Z  NCEP has restored most of the NOMADS system but there are some missing data and is still not fully functional, so some updates on Wright Weather will will be delayed or missing until NCEP has their site completely restored.


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